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Why NO "Meeting of the Minds" can cost you thousands of dollars!

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The Legal Description Challenge.  Don't put the contract at risk...

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How Wire Transfers Work- Real Life! You need to know this info.

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KNOW the Business- Power Far/Bar Tips.  Info you NEED to know.


The What You DON'T Know Can Hurt Your Commissions

The Biggest Challenge you face as a real estate salesperson is  the lack of training!  Let me assist you to make more money, create better marketing and be the best salesperson you can be.

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Course:

Missing the Mark- Lost Commissions

No meeting of the minds = no contract!  Don't embarrass yourself or lose money by not following this one simple tip.

Why do wire transfers take so long??

Aren't wires supposed to be immediately accessible by the closing agent?  Real world advice on how wire transfers work and how long they should take.  

How Legal Descriptions Cause Issues

Learn how an incorrect legal description can kill your deal. 

Far/Bar Power Tips

You should have a deep working knowledge of the Far Bar.  This can begin your training on the most widely used contract in Florida.  

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Adam J. Ouellette, Esquire 

Attorney/Author/License Real Estate Instructor/Real Estate Broker

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